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What About Pod?

Plug in the headphones, here we go! Join Chris Squyres, Chris Ricciardi and Producer Jay weekly for the best in news, hot topics, and and so much more!

Nov 13, 2013

Everyone's back to full healthy, and #ProducerJay apologizes unnecessarily for his lack of communication!  We kick of with a 6-Pack interview with Danah Palmer from "Journey through Food and Wine".  Who would win in a fight between Rachael Ray and Giada De Laurentiis?   The answers will amaze.   News this week covers Carl's Jr. Theives, Chinese Leg Hackers and Russian Nut Nailers.   Cat Pee Smell?  Dude, you're gettin' a Dell!   Turkey Facts and Vocal Pauses put a bow on the grand extravaganza that is Episode 30!