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What About Pod?

Plug in the headphones, here we go! Join Chris Squyres, Chris Ricciardi and Producer Jay weekly for the best in news, hot topics, and and so much more!

Mar 5, 2014

45?  Already?  We discuss the passing of Harold Ramis and have a little-known Ramis trivia fact for you!   We kick off a BRAND NEW game.. "Name That Substance!"  This one is pretty difficult, and the duo of Chrises struggle to name the illicit drugs that criminals were on at their time of arrest.  News includes snake-bit preachers, bad movies on VHS and genius Girl Scout Cookie sales tactics!   Entertainment Report talks about the Robin Thicke divorce.  We close out with curling cats in the CSOTW, and all the Vocal Pauses your little ears can handle.   Come get some!