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What About Pod?

Plug in the headphones, here we go! Join Chris Squyres, Chris Ricciardi and Producer Jay weekly for the best in news, hot topics, and and so much more!

Mar 12, 2014

At long last, the Ugs do the Six Pack!  Jamie and Paula from The Uglee Truth podcast join us for a glimpse of their meteoric rise in podcasting, and a lot of fun.  We talk about John Travolta murdering names at the Oscars, and Ricciardi joins us via satellite to give us a man on the street view of the Chihuahua crisis in West Phoenix!  Other news includes how to excite your alligator!  We pay tribute to the great state of Washington, and Danah Palmer joins us to talk St. Patrick's Day traditions, and green beer.   Wrap it up with some cat facts, and you've got a jam packed Episode 46!  Guaranteed to please, or DOUBLE your money back!