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What About Pod?

Plug in the headphones, here we go! Join Chris Squyres, Chris Ricciardi and Producer Jay weekly for the best in news, hot topics, and and so much more!

Jan 28, 2015

We're baaaack!   Super Bowl talk and predictions, a "Would You Rather?" where we discuss the merits of sneezing, sex changes and muffin babies, plus a cat story, and all the standard idiocy and hilarity you've become accustomed to.   It's the Yoko Ono edition, and it's ready for you NOW on your favorite...

Jan 21, 2015

Squyres sits down with actor Patrick Adam for the FINAL WAP FourPlay!  We tackle the Six Pack Interview, talk about the Patriots and #DeflateGate, and get a dramatic reading from the Buck Nasty book courtesy of fake Liam Neeson.   Sound random?  It is!  Listen in on this free-for-all, and get ready for all new...